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Why PracticeStudio?

PracticeStudio® by MicroFour can provide you with all the tools you need to increase efficiency in your practice and ensure that your patients receive the very best care in return.

What an EHR Should Do

  • Allow you to provide the highest level of care possible for your patients,
  • Minimize your liability by allowing for fast, easy, and accurate documentation,
  • Maximize your bottom line with advanced billing and claims management, and
  • Evolve with current industry standards.
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PracticeStudio not only delivers on the above requirements but goes far beyond by providing an integrated, industry-leading EHR system that is fast, easy to use, and replete with the features you want.

Industry Experience

MicroFour has been creating EHR software for more than 25 years with collaboration from practicing healthcare professionals. We test PracticeStudio in our own healthcare clinics, continually improving upon the design and functionality of the software. In addition, we welcome comments from our customers and make every effort to incorporate requested enhancements into future versions of our products. As a result, PracticeStudio is not just user-friendly and intuitive; it actually functions the way real providers in the field want it to.

Features Overview

Our comprehensive EHR system includes all of the features you demand for an increasingly successful and growing practice:

  • Beginning-to-end patient flow
  • Touch screen EHR with customizable, discipline-specific workflows
  • Claims management and scrubbing
  • ePrescribing (including allergy and adverse reaction checking and benefits & history)
  • Provider Dashboard
  • Point-of-sale integration
  • Inventory tracking
  • Visit statistics
  • Appointment scheduler
  • And many more...


PracticeStudio® is built on the Microsoft® .NET platform and uses Microsoft® SQL Server®. It was written using MicroFour's proprietary StrataFrame® application framework, which is used worldwide by entities such as Dow Jones & Company and the United States Department of Defense.

EHR and PM Integration

PracticeStudio is a complete solution and includes all components necessary for running a successful practice. Seamless integration between the medical records and practice management allows for diagnosis codes and charges to be entered as part of the encounter. This also provides better communication between the provider and the front desk for check-out purposes including the ability to indicate when to schedule future appointments and customized messages between the provider and office staff.

Over 25 Years' Experience

MicroFour is a dedicated medical records software company that has specialized in the medical record industry for over 25 years. Because of our tenure in the community we have proven sustainability as well as increased depth and sophistication that many competitors don't have. Given the continued demands to meet government regulations it is important to partner with a company that has met them all in the past at a high level while continuing to innovate the product. As one of our users recently said, "MicroFour is a big enough company to meet all of the demands required while maintaining a smaller business feel by keeping personal relationships with their users. They are just part of the family now!"

Complete, Certified solution

With PracticeStudio you can be sure you have a certified product that affords the best tools for managing and attesting for meaningful use. Don't settle with a modular or uncertified product when you can have it all with PracticeStudio. PracticeStudio is certified as a Complete EHR for both Stages 1 and 2. We are already planning for the next certification process expected to hit in 2017 for Stage 3 so that our users are ahead of the curve when that time comes. In addition to the ONC-ATCB certifications for Meaningful Use, we are also PQRS Qualified and Surescripts certified providers. Finally, we take PHI (Patient Health Information) very seriously meeting or exceeding HIPAA requirements. Additionally, we are certified HL7 solution providers supporting both 4010 and 5010 out-of-the-box.

Constant Improvement

MicroFour is dedicated to making PracticeStudio the best EHR and PM software package on the market. We continuously have beta programs specifically designed for improving our solutions and meeting the ever-changing world of medicine. Additionally, we love to hear from our users and hear about their ideas. We know that when we work with the experts in the field that together we can make an already phenomenal product even better. This helps to place the focus back to what matters most...patient care. Ask about our beta programs or how to share your great ideas today!

Specialty Information

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Why is this important?

Because PracticeStudio's seamlessly integrated design was engineered specifically for speed, stability, and scalability.

For more information about PracticeStudio®, schedule a demo, call 1-877-853-0030