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PracticeStudio Family Practice Overview

Family-Practice EHR Overview

PracticeStudio’s Electronic Health Records software is the perfect choice for a family practice doctor or medical clinic manager with our many cloud-based and server-based options. From advanced charting and intuitive e-Prescribing to simple scheduling and lab integration, our certified EHR gives you all the office management tools you need in an easy-to-use, touch-based environment. PracticeStudio’s unique design reduces Family physicians necessity of REPTITIVE TYPING with an intuitive workflow design and touch-based navigation. Scheduling, management, reporting, and billing has never been easier than with PracticeStudio’s fully integrated medical practice management software. PracticeStudio is a complete EHR, providing Family Medical physicians the fastest charting and most comprehensive reporting engine than any other electronic medical records systems on the market!

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PracticeStudio’s Electronic Medical Records software for Family Medical providers is complete with comprehensive pre-built templates, yet remains highly flexible to meet the diverse needs of your family practice. Our EMR system is designed so that family physicians can easily set preferences, modify workflows, and even create new templates to match your own best practices.

Our unique design already encompasses many specialized workflows and templates to increase productivity such as: new patient visit, general workflows, cardiovascular, respiratory, ENMT, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, neurological, and many more. PracticeStudio’s EHR system is extremely replete in the Family Medical specialty but still affords all physicians with the ability to make customized changes to any template to ensure the highest level of productivity and efficiency.

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PracticeStudio combines a thorough medical records software with a fully integrated practice management suite to optimize your schedules, streamline your check-in & checkout, and manage patient care. PracticeStudio’s Electronic Health Record system promises greater insight to your financial health with built-in and highly customizable reporting tools. What really makes PracticeStudio different is our highly sophisticated and custom reporting engine, which enables physicians the power to quickly and easily find the specific data they need. By utilizing clinic management experts, we have built some of the most advanced clinic managing reports but with inclusive customization to tailor to your practice exactly. Additionally, with PracticeStudio, Family Medical providers can have the automation tools necessary to successfully manage electronic claim and remittance processing, even with the ever-changing rules and regulations.