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HelpDesk System

Logging In

To use the new PracticeStudio HelpDesk system, click on the Support link located in the top right corner of the PracticeStudio home page or go to

If you are an existing user, login with your username (email address) and secure password. If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the Forgot Password? link on the login page to have your password sent to your email account.

If you need to set up a HelpDesk account, or if you experience problems logging in, call the MicroFour support line at 1-800-874-5983.

Posting a Support Call

To post a support call, simply type your message (up to 1,250 characters) in the Call Description box. If you want to send an expanded description of the problem, including text from any error message you may have received, you can attach a Microsoft Word document by clicking on the Attach button. (You can also attach screenshots and/or email messages as long as the total file size does not exceed 10MB).

Support Calls can be logged 24/7. Once a call is submitted, one of our support technicians will be notified and your call will be addressed during our regular business hours in the order it was received.

Viewing Call Notes from a Technician or Adding Notes to a Call

Submitted calls will appear in the Open Calls area of the screen. You can add notes to an open call by clicking on the call and selecting the + Action button.

You will receive an email notification anytime

  • a new call is created,
  • a MicroFour support technician creates a new action note for an open call, or
  • an open call is closed.

Other events, such as scheduled installations or conversions, also display in the Open Calls area.

Viewing Historical (Closed) Calls

Historical calls that have already been closed can be viewed by clicking on the Search tab. Specify that you want to view Closed calls in the Call Status dropdown, and then click on Display.

Setting Up Multiple HelpDesk Users

By default, each user will have a single user login with External Administrator access. External Administrator users can set up as many additional HelpDesk users as needed by clicking on the End Users tab. Select the + New button, fill out the information form, and click on Save.

Using the Self Help Tab

By clicking the Self Help tab, users can access PracticeStudio’s new online KnowledgeBase. The KnowledgeBase initially contains solutions for common problems, but eventually it will contain a variety of educational articles, training videos, and tutorials.