Online EHR Data Backup

Shield your data with PracticeStudio's DataVault. The only backup system customized for your data with daily monitoring and verification.


PracticeStudio® DataVault is an online backup created specifically to protect, verify, and store your PracticeStudio data and media. The data is stored in a secure HIPAA-compliant data center with guaranteed restore reliability!

PracticeStudio offers several pricing options which are completely customized to fit all of your needs. We offer both Electronic Health Records and Practice Management services where if you choose one you get the other Free! We know it’s a hassle to switch from another system. That’s why we make it easier than ever to switch by providing installation, on-site training, and even free setup!"


Watch this video to learn why you need a reliable Backup solution like DataVault.

Watch this video to learn all the technical details of how our proprietary DataVault works.

What Makes DataVault Different?

There are a lot of online backups out there, but none of them can protect your PracticeStudio data like PracticeStudio DataVault. The reason is simple: PracticeStudio DataVault has been created specifically to protect your PracticeStudio data. Created by the developers of PracticeStudio, DataVault was developed to solve a major problem that exists in the marketplace, the shortage of reliable backups!

Over the years one thing has become apparent: a very high percentage of users do not have reliable backups that can be restored when (not if) a hardware failure of some type occurs that compromises your valuable PracticeStudio data. And many of those who have had failures thought that they had good backups.

  • Created by the developers of PracticeStudio and designed specifically to protect PracticeStudio data
  • Every backup is automatically tested for restoration reliability
  • Proprietary SQL and Patient Media backup more reliable than standard SQL backups
  • 100% HIPAA-compliant, protecting your data and PHI (Patient Health Information)
  • PracticeStudio DataVault is the most reliable backup software in the world for protecting your PracticeStudio data!

I Already Have Online Backup Service

So you already have online backup service, but have you had a successful SQL Server data restore from that online service, including all of your Patient Media? It can almost be guaranteed that you haven't. Many people have chosen the highly marketed online backup providers such as Carbonite, Mozy, Dell Online Backup, etc. but these providers specialize in file-based backup and restores, not SQL Server data-related backups and restores.

We estimate through PracticeStudio support incidents that 80% or more of all online backups of the SQL Server data fail to restore when needed.

PracticeStudio DataVault is designed to protect your PracticeStudio data. We know that your data is your livelihood and if you lose it, you could lose tens of thousands of dollars or more trying to recover.

I Already Have A Reliable Tape Backup

You can never have too much backup, especially when it comes to data that you rely on to get paid. It is still highly recommended to get, at minimum, the basic DataVault package so that you have a reliable offsite backup. Additionally, your tape backup is not testing each backup for reliable PracticeStudio database restoration, but DataVault will.

In the event that your tape cannot recover the PracticeStudio data, you know that you have the offsite DataVault backup that has been tested and will definitely restore. If you have purchased the basic package, then you would never lose more than a week of data.

Every Backup Tested and Verified

Every backup that is received is placed into an automated queue on secure servers to actually restore and test the backup.

This process is perfomed to ensure every customer that your data can be restored properly. This way you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you can restore when you have a server failure. You will also receive a notification of the successful restoration so that you know your backup is reliable for restore in case of emergency.

Be a Data Prepper

Prepare for the unexpected server crash

Having a reliable backup is never a big deal...until you need it. In every case where a user has needed to restore their data and couldn't due to unreliable backups, they inevitably go through the frustration and emotions and wish they had spent the money to protect their data properly.

A server crash will happen. It is just a matter of time. It could be days, weeks, or years, but in time, hardware does fail. Make sure that when this happens, you are safe and inconvenienced by only a few hours instead of months or years while trying to recover lost claims and medical records.

For more information about PracticeStudio® DataVault, call 1-877-853-0030.