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PracticeStudio Internal Medicine Overview

Internal-Medicine EHR Overview

PracticeStudio’s Internal Medicine Electronic Health Records software was built specially for the requirements of internists. PracticeStudio’s Internal EHR system delivers an advanced touch-based technology allowing providers to quickly chart workflows such as internal medicine practice, chronic condition management, preventive care, electronic lab orders, e-prescriptions and accurate allergy records. PracticeStudio’s Electronic Health Record system is ONC-ACB Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 Certified and offers a cloud-based or server based solution. Additionally, PracticeStudio delivers a fully integrated medical practice management software with highly customized reporting. Our management tools were developed by consulting with several clinic management experts to fully optimize efficiency and maximize revenue. PracticeStudio is a complete and certified EHR solution known for intuitive touch based technology, comprehensive management tools, and outstanding customer support.

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PracticeStudio’s Electronic Medical Records software provides ready-to-use templates for Internal Medicine allowing for an easy transition, yet providers are able to set many preferences, modifications, and even new templates to tailor the software to every practice’s needs. Our pre-built workflows and templates include: new patient visit, general workflows, cardiovascular, respiratory, ENMT, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, neurological, and many more. Not only does PracticeStudio provide all standard EMR features, our EMR system grants access to past medical history of your patients, their active medications, health vitals, allergies, and more. Internal Medicine providers can greatly benefit from our replete datasets but our advanced customization tools separate our medical records software from all other electronic medical records systems on the market!

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PracticeStudio’s comprehensive practice management system improves practice workflow with integrated appointment scheduling, role based access, integrated billing and claims management, and highly optimized and custom reporting.

Scheduling is made easy with our multi-provider view calendar, drag-and-drop technology, and fully integrated design. Front-desk staff can effortlessly operate modern patient scheduling software that makes it simple to book and confirm appointments across locations, verify insurance eligibility in advance, and quickly check patients in and out. Your practice will run efficiently with smooth handoffs across the team and reduce patient no-shows with our automated patient reminders, allowing providers to focus on what they do best!

Most important to all clinics is increasing revenue, which is made possible by our all-inclusive reporting engine. Internal Medicine providers get the complexity of our fully designed reports with all the necessary customization to ensure our product meets your needs. Get a complete, fully developed EHR system all in one place with PracticeStudio, which accommodates practices of all sizes to help providers benefit from every opportunity.