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PracticeStudio Electronic Health Records


At the core of PracticeStudio's touch screen EHR product lies a thorough and intuitive data set specifically designed for Family Practice. Unlike many of the competitors, PracticeStudio is ready out-of-the-box to start documenting your encounters. Though completely customizable to allow for streamlining your daily workflow or adding completely new screens, PracticeStudio comes with a replete data set with over 25 years of experience behind it. Our unique and proprietary design allows you to quickly and efficiently manage your encounters so you know your notes are complete when you leave the office.


Thanks to PracticeStudio's unique design and optimized performance, the entire SOAP and any treatments can be entered from a single screen. PracticeStudio has a powerful feature called Content Placeholders which allows downstream screens to be loaded in-place. This allows for the navigation and entry of descriptive data without ever actually leaving the main screen. This means that the CC/HPI, Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Adjustment, Extremities, Modalities, Lab Orders, Media, and X-Rays can all be managed from one place!


No EHR system would be complete without a wide range of narrative report options, and that's exactly what you get with PracticeStudio. The system is not only replete with standard report options, but each of the reports can be redesigned by the user via report templates. Any discrete data captured during EHR posting, as well as all demographic data, can be printed on reports. PracticeStudio comes with many ready-to-use narrative templates for each phase of patient treatment as well as unique scenarios often encountered when notes are requested by external sources.


Managing and tracking the patient's problems is a snap with PracticeStudio! When any finding is flagged as a problem it will continue to come forward from encounter to encounter and be presented upon entry into the encounter. On each encounter, the finding can have comments added or can be resolved or stopped so that the problem no longer moves forward to future encounters.


Know where your attention is needed and what needs to be done through the Provider Dashboard. From managing open chart encounters to receiving Care Documents from an outside referral, the Provider Dashboard allows you to see what needs your attention from a single location. Even the current patient load can be monitored real-time!


The days of down-coding for fear of inadequate documentation are over! With PracticeStudio's E/M Coding real-time calculator, you know where you are at every step of the encounter. New guidelines that have been commonly accepted throughout the industry regarding the Risks and Complexity of Decision Making are implemented, removing the "gray" areas of decision making.


PracticeStudio has an easy-to-use and easy-to-implement method of tracking the patients from the time they step through your doors. This makes patient interaction much easier as the patient moves through the clinic. Additionally, reports and diagnostics can be run to see how much time is spent at each location and the time with each staff member, helping to improve your clinic's workflow and increase the bottom line.


With PracticeStudio you get your very own customized prescription writer which works directly with Surescripts to provide quick and efficient online scripts. Unlike most of the competitors that purchase a third party prouct for their ePrescribing needs, PracticeStudio is complete Surescripts certified provider for ePrescribing, Benefits, Prescription History, and Formularies written from the ground-up to meet the needs of our users with seamless integration and workflow!


Managing the lab orders and results of those orders can be a huge part of any clinic. PracticeStudio makes it easy to monitor outstanding labs and then comminucate results to the patient once the results have been released by the provider. PracticeStudio also supports uni-directional and bi-directional lab interfaces for dozens (and growing) labs. The electronic labs makes it even easier and faster to manage the outgoing orders and incoming results putting your patients health in the driver seat.


Join the paperless revolution! Media capturing and management has never been easier than with PracticeStudio. Capture an image for any finding in the encounter real-time using a web-cam, wireless camera, importing from external files, or even pre-designed forms and templates! Once captured, any image can then be annotated without compromising the original image.


PracticeStudio ensures that your practice can be compliant and secure in information exchange between all stakeholders in the healthcare delivery chain. With the need to communicate with so many external sources from labs to insurance companies, PracticeStudio can speak their electronic language!