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PracticeStudio Dermatology Overview

Dermatology EHR Overview

PracticeStudio’s Dermatology Electronic Health Records software knows that no two dermatologists practice exactly the same, which is why PracticeStudio has worked tirelessly to provide a replete standard with appropriate customization available. PracticeStudio’s advanced touch-based charting engine provides Dermatologists with a ready-to-go environment, yet still allows each Dermatologist to personally tailor their favorites from anesthetics to your favorite acne treatment. Dermatologists not only get advanced electronic medical records software but a comprehensive certified EHR complete with a fully integrated practice management system. PracticeStudio’s Electronic Health Record system affords Dermatologists with a highly customized reporting engine that is second to none, along with all desired features for fully maximizing clinic revenue.

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PracticeStudio’s Dermatology Electronic Medical Records system has been developed in collaboration with Dermatologists throughout the country. PracticeStudio provides a unique touch-based charting environment specific to Dermatology which includes all industry standard datasets such as General, Cosmetic, Mohs and Pathology. PracticeStudio’s emr system has been optimized for Dermatologists to provide patient care in a high volume environment from referrals to standard patient visits, pre-ops to procedures and post-ops. With PracticeStudio’s unique touch-based charting, Dermatologists can quickly and efficiently document patient notes without the need for REPITITVE TYPING during the patient’s visit including CC, HPI, ROS, Exam, Procedures, Orders, Prescriptions, Assessment and Plans plus more. PracticeStudio’s medical records software intuitively adapts to your unique style of practice and remembers preferences, helping you move through an exam, document and bill faster than all other electronic medical records systems on the market!

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PracticeStudio’s medical practice management software gives Dermatologists the tools necessary for success in all areas of your practice from demographics to scheduling and from reporting to billing. PracticeStudio’s management system is tailored to Dermatologists to efficiently manage your clinic and most importantly maximize revenue. Providers can submit electronic claims and track the status of each claim determining when and what services will be paid. Electronically receive and post ERA payments automatically. Reconcile patient encounters, confirm insurances, and patient eligibility. Easily generate daily, monthly and yearly financial reports. PracticeStudio’s EHR system can accommodate any size practice and help every Dermatologist continue to capitalize on every opportunity.