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We want to provide you with the best Electronic Health Records Software, which is customized all the way down to your specialty. PracticeStudio is developed, modified, and constantly tested by experts in every specialty to ensure the highest quality experience for our users. Other EHR systems do not take the time and energy to maximize the efficiency of every screen, workflow, and specialty specific feature. Every client has the benefit of our all-inclusive features but what makes PracticeStudio really different from other EHR systems is that our highly customized data sets are ready right out of the box to ensure a quick transition and the highest quality Electronic Health Records Software. Our highly advanced touch-based EHR charting environment is second to none and is completely unique compared to other EHR systems. Don't waste productivity with REPETITIVE typing, get PracticeStudio's certified Electronic Health Records Software. Choose your specialty to learn more or call us at 1-877-853-0030.