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Do you think your appointment book ought to be connected to other Practice Management functions, like check-in and Patient Registration? So do we. In addition to integrating seamlessly with other areas of PracticeStudio, the Appointment Scheduler allows you to register new patients on an abbreviated Patient Registration form, send out reminders via mail, email, or text messaging, and manage appointments for multiple resources—or even for multiple appointment books.


PracticeStudio's Smart Messaging system facilitates fast, easy communication between users and escalates messages to prevent tasks, such as labs, from falling through the cracks. The Messaging system within PracticeStudio allows users not only to send messages to other users, but also to generate reminders and subscribe to specific message types originated by the system.


Dealing with insurance companies and the government is never a fun task, but PracticeStudio puts you in control with our powerful and robust Claims Management suite of tools. From queuing claims to resolving scrubbing errors to submitting claims electronically, Claims Management has never been easier! Make sure that you are getting paid top dollar with confidence using the tools and reports provided through PracticeStudio.


Wouldn't it be nice to review and post all remittance payments automatically? With PracticeStudio, you can. The Remittance Processing function of PracticeStudio is designed to make the posting of insurance payments, write-off amounts, and EOB codes fast and easy. What better way to speed the process up than to allow you to apply payments from a single insurance check to multiple patients' accounts?


The Patient Ledger is a one-stop tool to see all transactions, balances, and pending insurance in a single location for a patient. If it is related to the transactions of the patient's medical record, it can viewed and managed here. In the scenario where there is a family tied together, even the entire family's balance can be retrieved.


When running a practice, it is important to know and understand how the money is flowing and whether insurance companies are paying, etc. The Practice Statistics offer a wide variety of reports to help track how transactions are being billed and paid. For example, there are tools to see how certain insurance companies are paying the billed transactions.


Monitor the workflow of the clinic from the patients sitting in the waiting room all the way through the check-out. Additionally, track the times that the patient waits in each location including the amount of time the provider spends with the patient. Whether trying to improve the performance of the practice or just have a much better and organized flow through the visit, the Patient Tracking interface is a very useful tool!


Do you have inventory that you need to keep up with and track within your practice? If so, take advantage of the built-in inventory control system that ties seamlessly into the transaction posting and clinic workflow. Set supply levels and renewal notifications so that you never run short of your necessary supplies again!


One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of your medical records is security. PracticeStudio implements a powerful and granular application security to allow entire portions of the application to be restricted or in some cases, even a single field such as the social security number. The security allows for peace of mind knowing that your system is secure and will protect your PHI (Patient Health Information) to meet all HIPAA and other regulatory guidelines.